About Us

In late 2011, IBusiness, ltd. began developing Where2Stay.Gr as a means of satisfying the quickly growing needs of the tourism industry in Greece and Cyprus. Our initial design bridged the gap between traveler and their desired hotel/accommodation by offering a free, easy to use and comprehensive guide of all the accredited hotels and accommodations in the region. By mid-2012, Where2Stay.gr had nearly 11,000 listed.

Today, Where2Stay.gr has joined WebReservationsDirect.Com to offer its users a more complete experience by publishing the most competitive rates on the Internet as well as Last Minute Deals. Although many Booking sites claim that they have the "lowest price guaranteed", only BookMyRoom.eu charges participating hotels a flat €3.50 service fee per reservation instead of the customary 15%-25% commission that most Booking engines charge (which are ultimately passed down to the guest). As for Last Minute Deals, they are just like what they sound: limited number of rooms that for a limited time are discounted at least 25% so that they don't otherwise stay vacant.

We hope you enjoy our new site and would appreciate any feedback or 'likes' on Facebook.

-The Harrison Consulting Team